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Medico chirurgo: Cardiologia; Cardiochirurgia; Medicina Interna; Medicina Generale (medici di famiglia); Radiodiagnostica; Genetica Medica; Anestesia e Rianimazione; Igiene, Epidemiologia e Sanità Pubblica; Chirurgia Toracica; Chirurgia Vascolare
Infermiere; Tecnico della Fisiopatologia Cardiocircolatoria e Perfusione Cardiovascolare; Tecnico Sanitario di Radiologia Medica

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    Via Cardinale Agostino Ciasca, 27
    70124 - Bari (BA)

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Programma del corso

      • 1 Thursday, June 20 2024 (morning)

        9:00Welcome Address
        Giuseppe Speziale, President MICS 2024
        Ettore Sansavini, President GVM Care&Research
        Michele Emiliano, President of Puglia Region
        Fabio Pollice, Rector of Unisalento
        Antonello Garzoni, Rector of LUM University
        Giuseppe Carrieri, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Foggia
        Vito Montanaro, Director of Health Promotion Department, Puglia Region

        9:30-12:35SESSION 1 | Aortic valve

        Chairs:Gaetano Contegiacomo
        Roberto Di Bartolomeo
        Gebrine El Khoury
        Marino Scherillo

        9:30Adoption of TAVI and SAVR in Europe and North America in the last 10 years
        Francesco Saia

        9:40When old is too old: assessing frailty for patients candidate to TAVI
        Cataldo Labriola

        9:50Failure of surgical and transcatheter aortic bioprosthesis
        Gino Gerosa

        10:00Prosthesis choice in patient undergoing surgical replacement: predicting valve-in-valve procedure
        Mauro Rinaldi

        10:10Right mini-thoracotomy for surgical aortic valve replacement
        Domenico Paparella


        10:50Same-day discharge following TAVI: is it always possible?
        Corrado Tamburino

        11:00Evolution of transcatheter aortic valve devices: future trend
        Fausto Castriota

        11:10Managing small aortic annulus in middle aged patients
        Carlo Savini

        11:20Upstream TAVI: moderate aortic stenosis at “high risk” of cardiovascular events
        Alfredo Marchese

        TAVI in young low-risk patients: just a question of prosthesis durability
        Alessandro Parolari

        Giuseppe Tarantini


        Aortic valve replacement in the young adults

        Tirone David

        12:35Lunch break

      • 2 Thursday, June 20 2024 (afternoon)
        14:00-15:00JOINT SESSION SICCH - NEWS FROM THE NEW ESC GUIDELINES | SICCH-integrity: the role of professional scientific societies in limiting evidence

        Chairs:Khalil Fattouch
        Alessandro Parolari

        14:10Is there some criticism with evidence in cardiovascular medicine?
        Michele Di Mauro

        14:20The example in inferiority: the power of statistical manipulation
        Marco Moscarelli

        14:30The risk of indication creep in RCTs
        Fabio Barili

        14:40What is missing? If anything is
        Amedeo Anselmi

        14:50The role of professional scientific societies in the critical assessment of literature
        Alessandro Parolari

        15:00-16:15SESSION 2 | Tricuspid valve

        Chairs:Armando Liso
        Francesco Santini
        Pierluigi Stefàno
        Tullio Tesorio

        15:00Echocardiographic evaluation of functional tricuspid regurgitation
        Patrizio Lancellotti

        15:10Surgical tricuspid valve repair: setting the standard for best practice
        Gilles Dreyfus

        How should Redo Tricuspid valve regurgitation be treated?

        Carmelo Mignosa
        Alberto Cremonesi


        16:05-17:20SESSION 3 | Atrial fibrillation

        Marco Matteo Ciccone
        Chiara Comoglio
        Pasquale Perrone Filardi
        Saverio Iacopino

        16:05Expanding the indication for surgical left atrial appendage occlusion
        Richard Whitlock

        16:15Thoracoscopic ablation of atrial fibrillation
        Giuseppe Nasso

        16:25New technologies in transcatheter Atrial Fibrillation ablation
        Francesco Solimene

        Ablation therapy for persistent atrial fibrillation. When and how:
        1. Electrophysiologist view
        2. Cardiac surgeon approach

        Massimo Grimaldi
        Claudio Muneretto



      • 3 Friday, June 21 2024
        9:00-12:50SESSION 4 - MITRAL VALVE | Repairing and replacing the mitral valve

        Chairs:Ottavio Alfieri
        Gilles Dreyfus
        Ernesto Greco
        Giuseppe Speziale
        Stefano Tonioni

        9:00Benchmarking Mitral Valve Repair: defining standards for surgical and percutaneous treatment of Severe Mitral Regurgitation
        David Adams

        9:20Minimally invasive mitral valve repair: the new normal
        Giuseppe Nasso

        9:30Neochord: who, how, when?
        Gino Gerosa

        9:40VIDEO IN THE BOX
        Mitral valve repair for degenerative disease
        Anterior Leaflet

        Giuseppe Nasso
        Posterior Leaflet
        Mauro Del Giglio
        Barlow Disease
        Vinicio Fiorani
        FED Disease
        Luigi Specchia
        Ring Choice
        Carlo Zebele
        Relock technique
        Giuseppe Santarpino

        10:00The path towards transcatheter mitral valve treatment
        Ottavio Alfieri

        10:10Treating patients with severe mitral annular calcification (MAC)
        Gebrine El Khoury

        10:20Why does mitral valve repair fail?
        Gilles Dreyfus


        Chairs:Umberto Benedetto
        Corrado Fiore
        Luigi Martinelli
        Angelo Squeri

        11:00Favorable and unfavorable mitral anatomies for transcatheter edge-toedge repair in degenerative disease
        Giovanni La Canna 

        11:10Endoscopic mitral valve repair
        Shokoufeh Cheheili Sobbi


        Echocardiographic evaluation of candidate to transcatheter mitral valve procedure

        Mani A. Vannan

        12:10SPECIAL ISSUES
        Genetic background of mitral valve prolapse

        Valeria Novelli

        12:20SPECIAL ISSUES
        Infective Endocarditis in minimally invasive approaches: spontaneous generation? Legal medical profiles

        Livio Tronconi
        Vittorio Bolcato

        12:30Take home message

Welcome address

MICS 2024 is a conference that has welcomed through the years the world’s leading experts in minimally and ultra-minimally invasive and robotic mitral, aortic, tricuspid and atrial fibrillation surgery catheter based procedures.

Cardiologists, interventionalists and cardiac surgeons who most have influenced the scientific community at Italian and international level with their original and minimally invasive techniques will meet in Bari with masterly readings, reports and video sessions.

Mitral Academy and GVM Care&Research are excited to promote and welcome the most innovative and experimental topics along with the World Opinion Leaders in this field.

In an integrated academic and clinical context, Speakers will share their experience and stimulate the participants to look at the treatment of this pathology through a “multidisciplinary” sight.

As a result, MICS 2024 will represent a lighthouse that illuminates and attracts the innovation, making it available for the rest of the scientific community and our patients.

President MICS2024

Giuseppe Speziale

Vice President GVM Care&Research

Scientific Board MICS2024

David Adams

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York (USA)

Khalil Fattouch

Professor and Lead Clinician, Department of Cardiac Surgey, Maria Elenora Hospital, GVM Care&Research, Palermo (Italy)

Patrizio Lancellotti

Professor and Head of Intensive Care Cardiology Unit, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Liège (Belgium)

Local Host MICS2024

Giuseppe Nasso

Head of Cardiac Surgery Unit, Anthea Hospital, GVM Care&Research, Bari

Domenico Paparella

Professor of Cardiac Surgery at University of Foggia and Head of Cardiac Surgery, Santa Maria Hospital, GVM Care&Research, Bari

Giuseppe Santarpino

Head of Cardiac Surgery Unit, Città di Lecce Hospital, GVM Care&Research, Lecce

Luigi Specchia

Head of Cardiac Surgery Unit, Città di Lecce Hospital, GVM Care&Research, Lecce

Carlo Zebele

Head of Cardiac Surgery Unit, Clinica Montevergine, GVM Care&Research, Mercogliano (AV)

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